Group activity

Herizon is passionate about empowering teams and individuals to be the best that they can be. We are committed to providing learning opportunities through group facilitation and workshops. Herizon can design a day to meet the goals of your team.

Team facilitation

Facilitation leads teams through discovery, goal setting and specific action. Join us for a day of hands-on activities that are energizing, and educational.  Learn more about team facilitation.

Personality Dimensions®

Individuals analyze, understand, interact and learn differently. These differences, once acknowledged and understood, can become powerful tools for interpersonal communication and interaction. You will leave with greater personal insights, strategies for stronger communication and team cohesiveness.  Learn more about Personality Dimensions.

“Doing the assessment with our team has really brought our team to understand the similarity and differences among us. It has truly brought us together as a team and we use this information with our daily interactions with each other! Thank you!!!

Group getting through rope obstacle course

Scavenger hunts

Herizon can design a variety of fun group activities, such as scavenger hunts, to help you achieve specific team goals.  Let us design an activity for your team.


Herizon Coaching works with highly capable individuals who want to go beyond the ordinary to design an extraordinary life. Herizon Coaching offers support and guidance in areas such as career, relationships, motivation, communication,and confidence.