Team facilitation leads groups through discovery, goal setting and specific action. Is your team looking to:

Team exercise involving dropping an egg.
  • Improve team communication skills?
  • Improve morale and strengthen the team?
  • Define strengths and goals within the team?
  • Discover a greater understanding of each team member?
  • Find ways of managing stress and time constraints?
  • Define and clarify values and personal motivators?

Team Development Services include:

Team exercise involving balancing on boards.
  • Strategic Planning/Goal Setting – involving all members of the team to develop goals and action plans
  • Assessing Team Fitness – looks at leadership, group skills, overall climate, cohesiveness, and individual contribution
  • Stress Management – insights into what stress is, how we create stress, and what skills we can use to decrease stress
  • Time Management – time stealers and strategies for taking control
  • Communication Skills – examine team dialogue, individual abilities, assumptions, perceptions and listening
  • Personality Dimensions® – used to identify personality and interaction styles.  Learn more about Personality Dimensions.
  • Team Coaching – learn key coaching techniques for use in the workshop and beyond

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